The ultimate solution to your monetization needs.

Think monetizing your website will be a hassle? Complicated? Too expensive? Think again. With Multiplizer, getting high-quality, profitable ads placed on your site couldn’t be easier.


Introducing a new kind of placement bidding.

Google’s “AdWords” aren’t the only thing up for bid- no the ad wrappers on your site are, too.  Multiplizer, is a software solution that will gather a plethora of pre-bids for ad placements on your site and with the software automatically selecting and placing the ad from the most profitable bid.
. . . Go ahead, pinch yourself! We’re still here.

Your Full-Service Destination for Website Monetization

From start to finish, we’re here to make the process of website monetization as smooth as possible. Let Multiplizer be the maestro of your ad operations.

Sourced from Multiple Ad Services

Multiplizer is not limited to or beholden by Google ads– we source from multiple ad networks. This means more competitive bidding on your site, and higher profit as a result.

Consistent, Quality Content

With Multiplizer, you can count on consistency. Because we pull from multiple ad services, we have a plethora of options should one source break.

Support for Setup and Beyond

Our team is here to ensure an easy, secure ads integration process. After installation, we’re always available to assist with any issues or questions you may have.

Multiplizer Works for You.

Are you a large syndicate? A boutique store? A burgeoning blogger? No matter the size or sphere, Multiplizer will seamlessly integrate ads anywhere on your site. Get in touch to learn all the ways Multiplizer can work for you.