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Flipping email validation on its head.

Validate Plus(R) is the only multi-source email hygiene aggregator that delivers a near-perfect email list. We flag traps, score engagement, and enhance data to drive top deliverability rates that help you convert sales and increase subscriptions.

Our comprehensive range of validation services and PLUS features enhance your reputation, lower your mailing costs, identify quality leads, deliver accurate statistics, and help you personalize your emails.


Protect your sender reputation

Identify and eliminate, invalid, fraudulent, aged-out and email typo traps.

Real Time, Real Clean

Your reputation precedes you. Protect it with our top tier email validation tools.

Avoid spam traps. Identify risky, abusive, and fraudulent addresses and purge them from your contact lists. Don’t squander time and money emailing old, invalid, and aged-out email addresses – clean your lists and reduce bounces that harm your reputation with our validation services.  

Validate Plus is the only email hygiene service that aggregates results from the top email data providers in the world. Validate Plus is natively integrated into Market Rithm’s Deployer Email Marketing Platform to provide real time pre-delivery and life cycle email validation.

Email Hygiene Aggregation

DYK: 4.5% of random email contacts are essentially garbage after about a month? Accurate data is an essential part of best practices in your email marketing campaigns. Don’t waste your valuable email marketing efforts and dollars on invalid email addresses. Verify good emails and scrub bad addresses with our email hygiene aggregation tool.

Engagement Scoring

How do you know whether your email marketing efforts are worth the investment? You need to know whether your target audience is engaging with the information you’re sending them. Engagement scoring is one important solution! Track vital metrics like click-throughs and open rates through Validate Plus. Compare your personal metrics with industry standards to make money-saving adjustments to your campaigns.

Real Time API

Get information on essential API (Application Programming Interface) metrics in real time. Many of your leads want the information, products, and services you’re offering. But they’re humans and make mistakes. When they enter a bad or undesirable email address in your contact form, real-time API gives them an immediate response and the opportunity to fix the problem before submission.

Life-Cycle Automation

Dump the generic bulk email approach. Target the consumer at every stage of the customer lifecycle – from interested lead to new subscriber or first-time buyer to repeat customer. Send timely information that has value and relevance to your email recipient at every stage of their journey with our life-cycle automation feature.

FTP Integration

Dump the generic bulk email approach. Target the consumer at every stage of the customer lifecycle – from interested lead to new subscriber or first-time buyer to repeat customer. Send timely information that has value and relevance to your email recipient at every stage of their journey with our life-cycle automation feature.

Data Security

Protecting data and safeguarding sensitive information in your email correspondence is non-negotiable. We help protect against loss, compromise, and unauthorized access. Our data security protocols ensure compliance with online security laws and regulations and allow you to build trust with your target audience.

Refresh Old Client Lists

Increase customer engagement. Deep clean old client lists for enhanced engagement with interested consumers. Let us help you separate the old from the new. Then run your old lists through our validation program to scrub useless email addresses. This even supports your campaigns to win back inactive subscribers with re-engagement email strategies.

Unknown Mitigation

Suspicious emails can sink an email marketing campaign. Mitigate the risk by eliminating the unknown. Minimize the possibility of email spoofing, phishing, and other destructive email scams. This service is an integral part of your email security procedures.

Intelligent data mapping

Data is king, but only if you know what to do with it and you perform these actions efficiently. Improve sales and profits through better customer relations with intelligent data mapping. Analyze email data between segmented data sets to highlight developing trends. Our intelligent processes help you map the right data as it applies to different stages of the customer lifecycle.

The Plus in Validate Plus

Data Enhancement

Maximize the usefulness of your existing data and expand your data set with our data enhancement PLUS service. Get the most out of your internal data with our database cleansing processes. And our various segmentation strategies add vital external data that enhances the value of your email contacts. We work with you to identify your specific goals.

Engagement Booster

Scoring your email engagement metrics is necessary for better marketing results. But it’s only the first step. Applying those metrics to create workable solutions is where we shine. Raise your email open rates to better engage your contacts and enhance click-throughs with our engagement booster features.

Real Time Scoring

Lenders have FICO scoring. Why shouldn’t you have a scoring system too? You do! Lead scoring is an effective method of qualifying your contacts. Analyze their lead potential with numeric scoring. Create the scoring model with attributes that are important to your business – demographics, acquisition method, behaviors, and actions. Use this crucial data to identify contacts who are most interested in your services and products.

Real Time Suppression Service

Legal compliance is essential to establish and maintain a stellar reputation. When contacts choose to opt out of emails from you and any third-party mailers, your response should be swift and effective. Our real-time suppression service takes care of that for you. We automate the process to ensure compliance with CAN-SPAM and relevant policies and practices.

Stay in the Inbox

Be proactive about security, compliance, and preventing email delivery issues. Turn to Validate Plus. We safeguard your brand while increasing ROI.



Email validation terms and acronyms – FTP, API, Fraud, Invalid – have you confused? Don’t understand how email validation can help your marketing campaigns? Perhaps you’re unsure of the metrics you should be tracking for beneficial email strategies. We answer your questions and help you understand how email validation can help your business in our FAQs.



Get help for technical issues and responses to your support questions from our team of email validation professionals. We troubleshoot your issues and help you find long-term solutions. Browse our available resources for quick answers or reach out to our support team for customized assistance.



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