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Structure CMS provides enterprise level power for users with entry level skills. Our best of breed CMS has a simple, highly intuitive suite of tools that gives you complete command of your web properties.

Best of Breed Content Management

Structure CMS is a one-stop cloud platform for creating, editing and managing your online presence. Structure’s full feature suite unleashes the full power of your online assets. Structure provides enterprise level power for users with entry level skills.

Navigating the Structure CMS responsive and mobile friendly user interface is as simple as picking up an iPhone for the first time.

Build and manage multiple responsive websites with a single sign on.

Structure is a true multiple domain CMS that allows you to manage multiple web properties without ever leaving the comfort of your browser tab. Users may have access to multiple web properties with varying permissions for each site giving you, as the admin, complete control over site access and permissions.

By the Numbers


Uptime in 2020

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Structure CMS™ recorded less than 1 hour of downtime in 2020, meaning it was up 99.9984% of the time. Structure CMS™ is built on the cloud, designed to autoscale during traffic surges.

50 million+ Pageviews

Served per month on Structure CMS™ websites, and counting.

365 Daily Backups

Entire infrastructure backed up daily and monthly. User backups provided on demand.

100% Built for Integration

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Natively integrated with Google Analytics, Zapier and top merchant gateways like, Stripe & RallyPay, Anedot, Transaxt, Facebook and Twitter connect.

Built by an agency, designed for agencies

With a robust feature set, the multi-domain Structure CMS helps marketing agencies expand its services, increase revenue, , cut development costs, extend client retention rates and significantly reduce implementation time with customers. With efficient work-flow as a core competency of our platform, agencies can spend more time driving ROI and less time developing.

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Intuitive & Feature Rich

Structure’s intuitive interface lets you create layouts, templates, landing pages, articles, event pages, pagesets, blogs, forms, e-commerce shopping, site navigation, SEO keywords, RSS Feeds and so much more, giving you greater control than ever before over your web properties.

Theme Builder

Design a customized theme tailored to your branding and preferences. No need to learn coding and design. Simply use our responsive tool to create a professional, attractive website theme. Choose from preset layouts or start from scratch. Whether you want fun and quirky, elegant, modern, austere or another creative look, our theme builder supports your efforts.


Constructor's drop-and-drag editor makes coding easy and accessible to everyone. With just a few clicks, you can create complex code structures without having to write a single line of code.

Curated / Automated Feeds

Help present yourself and your business as a thought leader in your industry, profession, or niche. Share curated content on your website. Use these automated feeds to present high-quality content that’s relevant to your target audience. Our software minimizes your time investment in searching, finding, organizing, annotating, and sharing this valuable content. Numerous options are available, including feeds for social media posts, news articles, videos, blogs, and photos.


Create an Events Website that stands out and showcases all your events beautifully. Stay in control of every facet of your business with all the tools and features you require. Allow users to navigate your site and register for upcoming activities with minimal effort. Incorporate speedy and secure online payment processing to close the deal while the prospect is hot. And offer support through chatbots and AI to enhance customer satisfaction.


Whether you’re expanding your existing brick-and-mortar shop, upgrading your online shopping presence, or launching a new Ecommerce enterprise, our interface will deliver. Convert leads and sell products through a well-functioning, feature-rich Ecommerce site. Give your customers a superior shopping experience that encourages purchases, referrals, and repeat business. Our tools allow you to stay on top of product catalogs, branding, goods availability, promotional offers and codes, and customer management. We support easy checkout functions, email marketing integration, Ecommerce platform search engines, and integrated blogs. Take your Ecommerce Store to the next level with Structure CMS.

Form Builder

Boost interaction with your audience through web forms while you gather and track vital data from your visitors. Web forms are also helpful tools for your site users. They may be part of the online ordering process, a method of requesting information from your business, a replacement for offline documents, and a means of completing other objectives online. With our Form Builder, you can create fully functioning forms with a range of important features – like CAPTCHA security, password protection, custom response messages, and CSV and Excel data exporting.


Make edits and view how these changes will look when they’re published online with our WYSISYG (What You See is What You Get) Editor. This user-friendly tool allows novices to control and manipulate webpage graphics and text like a pro. But built-in fail-safes help ensure continued uniformity and continuity for your site.

Page Management

Manage the pages throughout your website with ease. Control language options; add new pages and disable or hide pages, as needed; apply SSL encryption; and oversee users and editing roles. Easily create settings and identify the essential properties of each of your web pages for more fluid manager and user experiences.

Built in Caching

Optimize site performance with built-in page and module caching. This function helps to ease the server load. With the extra power, your server can process more traffic and deliver content to your visitors faster. With better load speeds and the resulting enhanced user satisfaction, your site will enjoy beneficial SEO scores.

Media Manager

Visuals are key for top website performance. You need graphics, audio, and video to capture your audience’s attention. With our Media Manager, you can create incredible digital experiences, tailored to meet the preferences of your target audience. Enjoy top functions – like drag & drop uploading and image editing tools – all with simple usability.

Page Sets

Simplify multiple web page creation with Page Sets. Start with a basic outline for similar pages. Add media; make design changes; perform content edits; and revise each page as you desire. Create new URLs for the individual web pages in your page set with simple end-add-ons. This a great solution for blog articles. Google Data Highlighter even helps tag site page sets.

Form Designer

A poorly designed form can kill a sale, send your visitors away, and destroy user satisfaction. Use our Form Designer to produce appealing web forms. Incorporate your branding to help establish trust in your company. And create form names, labels, and layouts that encourage use and interaction.

Asset Management

Protect and manage your digital assets – like templates, documents, images, media files, and other content. Create custom workflows for management throughout the lifecycle of your assets. Put security measures in place; access a searchable index for easy retrieval; store prior versions of your assets; and edit your documents, as required.

Subscription Member Management

Manage subscriptions and memberships for your users with automation. Handle invoicing, billing, and payment processing. Review where you stand at a glance with informative business metrics and analytics. Bill cycle customization, tailored invoices, and tax compliance are a breeze with our Subscription/Member Management features.

SEO tools

SEO must be part of a web build and design from the beginning for top effectiveness. We provide the tools and features you need -- from fast load speeds and structured data to metas and footer code -- for overall great user experiences. We cover page level optimization as well as broad site SEO to help you create a site that search engines will love.

Templates, Code Marketplace

Web development and design professionals looking for CMS tools to boost their creativity can benefit from our Marketplace. Shop web page templates and prepared code to simplify your web build process. Boost your productivity and creativity with our wide range of options.

Intelligent Tagging Categorization

Data is powerful and valuable. But only when properly managed and clearly organized. That’s the beauty of intelligent tagging. This powerful feature provides context and meaning for your vital non-text content – like video, audio, and images. Powered by machine learning and AI, it also helps categorize unstructured content. This is crucial in tracking assets and assigning value to your content.


Take control of your blog with our design tools and support. Choose the right layout and structure to enhance readability and user satisfaction. Create a post archive to help visitors find what they’re looking for and to help you get the most out of all your content – old and new. Add useful features like forums, comment sections, RSS Feeds, spam protection, and a contact option. Include a search feature for a better user experience. Be sure to integrate social-media-sharing capabilities to encourage more interaction and build a bigger audience.

Course/Quiz Builder

Tutorials, quizzes, online courses and classes, virtual classrooms, and training modules are big business. Give your users a seamless, quality learning experience with our Course & Quiz Builder. Take charge of your learning platform or portal with this versatile feature. Enjoy customized dashboards, file management, calendars, scheduling, rosters, gamification tools, a superior user interface, and much more.

Dark Mode

An increasing number of Internet users are using dark mode. This optional feature extends mobile device battery life. It’s also designed to reduce eye strain. And many users just prefer the smooth, elegant vibe. Give your editors the option of dark mode.

Image Attribution Management

Stay on the right side of copyright law – give credit where credit is due. Manage proper attribution for your website images and photos that weren’t created by you with our automated attribution tool.

Security by Default

We build your website with security in mind. That way, your out-of-the-box default settings are designed to provide the necessary cybersecurity safeguards. Security, privacy, and regulatory compliance are part of our standard setup. Our team takes the steps necessary for encryption, secure communication channels, and data or application restriction management.

Find & Replace

Locate and replace content within pages on a StructureCMS™ website.

The security of SaaS, the flexibility of open source.

Stop me if you have heard this one before... "My WordPress site got hacked."

Open source CMS’s offer a community of crowdsourced developers from all over the globe in order to expedite the coding and development process. An CMS admin can quickly install a plugin instead of writing custom code. But that convenience comes at a serious security cost.

Structure is a SaaS (Software as a Service). You do not need to find a host, install software, or build and maintain a firewalls. We do all of that for you. But unlike other SaaS platforms, we provide you with the tools for rapid development.


Guides & Tutorials

We’ll walk you through the basics of Structure CMS to get you started, and give some valuable tips along the way to help keep you on the right path.


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