Inboxing is a super power.

Welcome to the League of Extraordinary Marketers.

You create, we inbox.


Marketers shouldn't need to be mathematicians.

You don’t need to be a data scientist to deploy your email. We have that covered. It is our sole objective to unleash your full creative potential. Deployer’s bulletproof delivery algorithms, automated email hygiene tools and self aware tools will have you inboxing like a pro.

Seriously, you can finally focus on how your audience will react to your email, and leave how it will get there to us.

Design beautiful and responsive emails.

Our Drag- &-drop Email Designer will create responsive emails in minutes. Pick a template, add your content, download the message, and use it virtually anywhere.

Inbox Solved.

Hitting the inbox is unquestionably the hardest thing to do in internet marketing. It requires nothing short of a perfectly laid foundation, insight into ISP’s rules, data hygiene and data-driven solutions to achieve deliverability to reach the maximum number of individuals. Deployer is the best-in-class algorithmic email marketing platform.

Email Designer

Create emails that look like professionals designed them. Integrate imagery, media, and branding that captivates and impresses. Our drag & drop editor simplifies the process. And it lets you bring your vision and creative ideas to life. Start from scratch or use our user-friendly template builder. Design effective, visually appealing emails that get results.

Automated Delivery

Don’t let the demands of effective email delivery overwhelm you. Our automation puts you in the driver’s seat. Connect with prospects, clients, customers, and other business contacts efficiently. Set automation triggers for your email templates and go! Both new and established contacts will receive well-timed emails to serve many functions:

Template Builder

You don’t need special design skills or a knack for creativity to draft great emails that connect. Our template builder sets the stage for beautiful emails. Personalize them for your business and the specific goals of your email strategies. Use our graphics or add your own images. Choose from numerous colors, texts, and other available features to launch your email campaigns with style.

Recurring Delivery

Task and appointment reminders, invoicing, usage reports, weekly updates, monthly snapshots, and other repetitive, periodic email messages support productivity. But they can be time-consuming. Take the hassle out of scheduling recurring emails. Use our tool to set your preferred dates, times, and intervals to send out recurring messages to your customers, team members, and employees.

Fast Forms

Enhance how you manage and improve your business processes. Make short work of invoices, purchase orders, sales orders, estimates, shipping forms, and proposals with Fast Forms. Quickly create standard forms branded and customized for your business. Then use our automated email tools to send them out at the right time to the right parties.

Engagement Tools

Market your company through email tools and strategies that work. Our engagement tools help you drive sales by monitoring responses to your emails by your prospects, leads, and customers. Check and oversee rates for email opens, click-throughs, form-fills, replies, and other engagement activities. This information is key in targeting engaged contacts and helping others who may just need an extra nudge.

Event Triggers

Nurture your prospects, build trust, boost customer retention, and deliver customer satisfaction with automated email event triggers. When leads and customers take action to buy, subscribe, download, or ask for more information, they expect timely responses. Use our automated event triggers to make sure that you deliver on their expectations.

Data Management

Every savvy business owner understands the importance of data. Protect this asset with our reliable email data management services. Manage your data rather than simply respond to it. We go beyond mere reporting to deliver usable, valuable information that supports your marketing efforts. With these tools, you can rely on top performance, optimized delivery, and – as a result -- enhanced customer engagement.


What You See Is What You Get editing is a godsend for business owners with little to no HTML knowledge. Overcome challenging options -- like adding tables, images, and forms -- with our user-friendly editor. Relish the simplicity of creating beautiful emails with professional features, and then preview the finished product through this essential layman’s tool.

Email Testing

Maximize the effectiveness of your emails through our rigorous email testing options. Subject lines can determine whether your contacts will even open your email. Pre-test them to learn what works best. Email subscriber verification limits unsubscribes, blacklists, and bounces. And identifying deliverability problems with flags and spot checks ensures your emails aren’t languishing in spam folders. Use our broad range of email testing features to build more successful email campaigns.

List Segmentation

Segmentation and personalization direct how successful email marketing campaigns should be run. Our list segmentation groups your contacts by age, gender, location, job title, buying history, or other key factors. Deliver more personalized, relevant content to each segmented list to improve engagement and build relationships. Automation paves the way.

Email Authentication (SPF, DKIM, DMARC)

Define authorized IP addresses through SPF. Eliminate altered or fake email messages with DKIM digital signatures and encryption. And give domain owners a voice in email authentication with DMARC, unifying SPF and DKIM verification instruments. These safeguards help to protect your business identity, brand, and reputation.

Form Builder

Need information, feedback, and other customer, client, and business responses? Email forms can help you gather this essential data. But your forms must be well-designed and easy-to-use to boost your response rates. Use our intuitive form builder to gather the information you need to help grow your business.

A/B Testing

Pick a winner with A/B testing. Create two identical email templates. Change a single variable – like the subject line, design, or voice of the email content. Send them to a small sample group, and then measure the performance of each version to choose the most effective email.

Live Mobile and Tablet Preview

It’s fast becoming a mobile user’s world. And you need to be sure your target audience views all your work in its best light on desktops, tablets, and smartphones. With our mobile preview option, you can test before you send. See your emails in both landscape and portrait views. Fix any issues and adapt your design before you launch your campaign.


Adaptive™ is Deployer's revolutionary intelligent data automation. Adaptive not only helps you grow your audience but also ensures impeccable delivery by adapting in real-time to the dynamic world of email marketing."

Our Unique Superpowers


Rithm Builder® is AI for the Little Guy®. Gives you the superpower to create your own intelligent lifecycle algorithms, execute your business logic and automations without programmers. 

Adaptive™ is Deployer's revolutionary intelligent data automation. Adaptive not only helps you grow your audience but also ensures impeccable delivery by adapting in real-time to the dynamic world of email marketing."


Automated email validation

Create laser focused segmentation tools


Data Security -- Don’t be a headline.

Protecting your and your client’s data is a responsibility we take very seriously. Data breaches can occur both outside and inside your organization which is why we employ the very best security protocols on the market today. Our Export Lockdown requires a double verification and alerts both our and your security team every time anyone, authorized or not, exports any data from Deployer.



Need guidance on how to build an email strategy? Don’t understand email testing? Maybe you’re curious about email metrics and determining how successful a campaign is. Get the answers to these and other popular email marketing questions on our FAQ page.



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