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Welcome to Deployer 6.0

We have some exciting news to share! We have just released Deployer 6.0, the first of a series of new feature rollouts and upgrades. Please take a moment to read the release notes below, log in to the new Deployer, and give us some feedback.

Release List

Deployer Version 6.8.9 Release Date December 14, 2023

Added several feature enhancements and bug fixes:

Deployer Version 6.8.8 Release Date June 15, 2023

With Deployer Version 6.8.8, recount segments with a click of a button and access the past Completed Count.

Deployer Version 6.8.7 Release Date May 01, 2023

Deployer Version 6.8.7 expedites user tasks with two very handy features.

Deployer Version 6.8.6 Release Date April 20, 2023

Deployer Version 6.8.6 introduces Task Scheduler, a powerful tool that automates large system processes.

Deployer Version 6.8.5 Release Date March 15, 2023

With Deployer 6.8.5, Audience Filters are added to the A/B Testing toolbox.

Deployer Version 6.8.4 Release Date February 01, 2023

Deployer 6.8.4 brings a massive increase in system flexibility, with Segment Actions.

Deployer Version 6.8.3 Release Date December 08, 2022

With Deployer 6.8.3, you can see at a glance the count breakdown of your Audience Groups.

Deployer Version 6.8.2 Release Date November 03, 2022

Introducing Combined Audience Sending. With Deployer 6.8.2, you can send to multiple different Audiences on the same campaign.

Deployer Version 6.8.1 Release Date October 19, 2022

Deployer 6.8.1 brings yet another tweak to save you time and improve your workflow: Auto-Populated Seeds

Deployer Version 6.8 Release Date October 10, 2022

In Deployer 6.8, we reimagined and recreated the most fundamental Deployer experience. Introducing Mail Classes. Plus, a nifty change to how we test and send emails.

Deployer Version 6.7.0 Release Date June 16, 2022

Deployer 6.7.0 features two major game changers! Introducing Closed Loop Opt-In and Dynamic Content Blocks.

Deployer Version 6.0.6 Release Date December 16, 2021

Adaptive Build took Deployer's list building process from very good to best on the market. Highlights of Adaptive Build:

Deployer Version 6.0.5 Release Date July 15, 2021

This update features an extremely user-friendly targeted marketing tool: Deployment Filters.

Deployer Version 6.0.4 Release Date June 11, 2021

Didn’t get the inbox success you were looking for on a campaign? Don’t send unnecessary duplicates to your entire list - use Smart Redeploy with Deployer Version 6.0.4.

Deployer Version 6.0.3 Release Date April 08, 2021

The introduction of Audience Tokens is huge for Deployer users with multiple, separate subscription options.

Deployer Version 6.0.2 Release Date March 11, 2021

Bug Fixes & Enhancements

Deployer Version 6.0.1 Release Date March 04, 2021

Bug Fixes & Enhancements

Deployer Version 6.0 Release Date March 01, 2021

Brand new UI/UX!