Level up your
e m a i l

Effective messaging starts with effective presentation. Email Designer™ brings your vision and brand to life with custom template design, user-friendly editing, and seamless imagery and media integration. Create professional emails that reflect your personal brand, impress your audience, and get results.

Unique templates built for your unique message.

First Impressions Matter.

So why not design to impress? Email Designer offers a host of tools and services to help you elevate your unique message for effective communication.


Customized Previews

Having difficulty engaging your audience? Capture their attention faster and for longer with a subject line that invites and preview text that intrigues. Get creative and let your voice come through.

Template Builder

Have an eye for design? No one knows what you want better than yourself, and with our easy-to-use template builder you can bring your creative vision to life. A take-charge solution for a take-charge individual.

Automated Content

Busy running a business or saving the world? We’ve got you covered, with automated content curation. From automatic content curation to newsletter creation, find the balanced process that works for you.

One-Click Deployment

When your email is ready to go, deploy it
hassle-free with the click of a button. Customize your settings to automatically pull the most recent newsletter or email for deployment. Our cross-platform integration ensures ease of usability at every step, from creation to dissemination.


Guides & Tutorials

We’ll walk you through the basics of Structure CMS to get you started, and give some valuable tips along the way to help keep you on the right path.


Reach Support Team

Stuck? Something not working as you expect? Looking for ideas, or how to get started? Just want to hear a friendly voice? Contact our support. We got you.


Contact Us

Tell us who you are, what you want, and how soon you need it. We’ll do what we can to deliver. Call or email to contact customer support or sales today. Want to request a demo? Ask and you shall receive!