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Structure CMS™ Version 6.7.28 Release Date September 21, 2022

Several updates including two major new features: Word Count and Session Timeout Extension.

Structure CMS™ Version 6.7.27 Release Date September 09, 2022

Click-click-done! Introducing Keyboard Shortcuts, and Subscriber Import.

Structure CMS™ Version 6.7.26 Release Date September 08, 2022

Oh, Canada! You're now integrated into Stripe; plus form upgrade and geolocation addition.

Structure CMS™ Version 6.7.25 Release Date September 07, 2022

Further integrating Stripe, and several minor upgrades.

Structure CMS™ Version 6.7.0 - 6.7.24 Release Date April 22, 2022

A plethora of new WordPress migration tools; plus additional updates and bug fixes

Structure CMS™ Version 6.6.0 - 6.6.13 Release Date November 20, 2021

Migration to Oracle Cloud, major update to Form Builder, and upgraded infrastructure and hardware.

Structure CMS™ Version 6.5.1 - 6.5.6 Release Date July 08, 2021

Major new features including Wallet System, upgrades, and enhancements to image management system including Unsplash integration.

Structure CMS™ Version 6.5.0 Release Date July 05, 2021

We have some exciting news to share! We have just released Structure CMS 6.5, Account Console and MR Sign In. Please take a moment to read the release notes below, log in to the new Structure CMS, and give us some feedback.

Structure CMS™ Version 6.4.0 Release Date December 15, 2020

New security enhancements, Zapier integration and some minor bug fixes.

Structure CMS™ Version 6.3.16 Release Date August 11, 2020

New Find and Replace and pagelet attribute features added

Structure CMS™ Version 6.3.15 Release Date August 10, 2020

New upgrade enhancements and some minor bug fixes

Structure CMS™ Version 6.3.14 Release Date August 06, 2020

New upgrade enhancements and some minor bug fixes

Structure CMS™ Version 6.3.13 Release Date July 31, 2020

New upgrade enhancements and some minor bug fixes

Structure CMS™ Version 6.3.12 Release Date July 27, 2020

New upgrade enhancements and features, as well as some minor bug fixes

Structure CMS™ Version 6.3.11 Release Date July 24, 2020

New Upgrades Enhancements and some minor Bug fixes

Structure CMS™ Version 6.3.10 Release Date July 20, 2020

Content importer feed custom xml importer bug fixes and improvements

Structure CMS™ Version 6.3.9 Release Date July 17, 2020

New Upgrades Enhancements and Features as well as some minor Bug fixes

Structure CMS™ Version 6.3.8 Release Date July 10, 2020

Added delayed job for schedule site backups with frequency

Structure CMS™ Version 6.3.7 Release Date July 02, 2020

New Upgrades Enhancements and Features

Structure CMS™ Version 6.3.6 Release Date June 30, 2020

Added tag to scheduled backup to move old backups to Cold storage.

Structure CMS™ Version 6.3.5 Release Date March 18, 2020

Automated scheduled backup added

Structure CMS™ Version 6.3.4 Release Date March 10, 2020

Minor bug fixes and parent deletion protection feature

Structure CMS™ Version 6.3.3 Release Date March 08, 2020

Fixed Menu Item Active bug

Structure CMS™ Version 6.2.8 - 6.3.0 Release Date February 28, 2020

Various Bug fixes and minor updates

Structure CMS™ Version 6.2.3 - 6.2.7 Release Date January 22, 2020

New Upgrades Enhancements and Features as well as some minor Bug fixes

Structure CMS™ Version 6.2.2 Release Date January 03, 2020

Fixes to form system and find and replace enhancement.

Structure CMS™ Version 6.2.0 - 6.2.1 Release Date December 23, 2019

Full Stack Infrastructure upgrade with various bug fixes and enhancements including the new "Find & Replace" Module

Structure CMS™ Version 6.1.8 - 6.1.15 Release Date November 07, 2019

Several rounds of edits and changes containing: Bug Fixes, Enhancements, and New Features

Structure CMS™ Version 6.1.7 Release Date October 03, 2019

Structure CMS™ Version 6.1.7: New Pagelet Features and Functionality

Structure CMS™ Version 6.1.6 Release Date September 26, 2019

Structure CMS™ Version 6.1.6: New Features and Enhancements

StructureCMS™ Version 6.1.2 - 6.1.5 Release Date September 24, 2019

StructureCMS™ Version 6.1.2 - 6.1.5 includes Various Bug fixes, Performance enhancements and Encryption on Psyclone.IT packages

StructureCMS™ Version 6.1.0 - 6.1.1 Release Date September 09, 2019

Our 6.1 release of StructureCMS™ includes Major updates to Backup Restore and E-commerce forms as well as some minor bug fixes and a brand new module called Psyclone.IT.

Version 6.0.15 Release Date August 30, 2019

Version 6.0.15: Bug fixes and enhancements in Dashboard, Nation builder integration, menu manager and backup/restore.

Version 6.0.13 Release Date August 28, 2019

Version 6.0.13 - Update to Nation Builder Integration

Version 6.0.12 Release Date August 21, 2019

Version 6.0.12 - Bug Fixes & ECommerce Enhancement

Version 6.0.11 Release Date August 20, 2019

Version 6.0.11 - Accountability Module & Bug Fixes

Version 6.0.10 Release Date August 15, 2019

Version 6.0.10: Enhancement & optimizations to bookmarks and Datatables

Version 6.0.9 Release Date August 08, 2019

Srecture CMS™ Version 6.0.9: Updates to Email alerts and asset manager pagination fix

Version 6.0.8 Release Date August 06, 2019

Version 6.0.8: Enhance made to File Manager

Version 6.0.7 Release Date August 05, 2019

Version 6.0.7: Email Notifier Bug Fix