Structure CMS™ Version 6.1.8 - 6.1.15 Structure CMS™ RSS Release Feed

Bug Fixes

  1. Fixed issue with code mirror mode changes in subscription level
  2. Fixed form submission default redirect to referrer page - #395
  3. Fixed exception throwing while creating multiple copy of same page - #398
  4. Fixed inconsistent failures in duplicating psycodes & layouts - #387
  5. Fixed issue with imported pages - #407
  6. Fixed inconsistent failures in theme assets due to ajax calls
  7. Fixed Activate switch  function in Menu Manager
  8. Removed code redundancy and fixed issues with multiple pagelets
  9. Fixed pre-filled data issue on child and grandchild page creation
  10. Fixed issue with auditable mapping
  11. Fixed children page update issue on parent page update
  12. Time zone issue fix 


  1. Added expand/collapse blocks in page config
  2. Added uniqueness for psycode and layout title - #400
  3. Modified naming of page title and slug on copy - #396
  4. Added Code Mirror Mode Switcher
  5. Session Timeout set to 12hours
  6. Added Prefilled Pagelet functionality
  7. Added ability to restrict pagelet editing on child pages
  8. Added ability to hide pagelet on child pages

New Features

  1. Added page config options to add preset categories for children and grandchildren - #382
  2. Added "<p:categories_curate_xml />" psytag for generating XML format for categories - #397
  3. Added child and grand child title prefixes
  4. Added new Pagelet "Icon Picker"
  5. Added Icon feature in Menu Manager
  6. Added Narrowed Scope Pagelet

Release List

Structure CMS™ Version 6.8.13 Release Date January 25, 2023

In Structure CMS™ Version 6.8.13, we addressed the issue of lagged performance in high-volume category counts.

Structure CMS™ Version 6.8.12 Release Date January 24, 2023

Structure CMS™ Version 6.8.12 presents several minor updates, including fine-tuning the Stripe integration and an addition to the Auto Embed feature.

Structure CMS™ Version 6.8.9 Release Date December 07, 2022

In Structure CMS™ Version 6.8.9, we addressed the email autofill issue with Ajax and introduced some minor updates, including further Zapier integration.

Structure CMS™ Version 6.8.8 Release Date December 06, 2022

With Structure CMS™ Version 6.8.8, we resolved issues with Fortis e-commerce forms and executed a rake task for migration to ignitecdn.

Structure CMS™ Version 6.8.7 Release Date December 05, 2022

Structure CMS™ Version 6.8.7 addressed several bugs, including a Narrowed Scope bug and issues with Page Edit and Copy on draft mode.

Structure CMS™ Version 6.8.4 Release Date November 28, 2022

With Structure CMS™ Version 6.8.4, users can preview their work before going live. No more guesswork, preview on draft mode!

Structure CMS™ Version 6.8.2 Release Date November 14, 2022

Structure CMS™ Version 6.8.2 features the Session Expiration Modal, which allows users to renew their session before it expires. Time saved, work saved! Plus two new payment integrations and more.

Structure CMS™ Version 6.8.1 Release Date October 13, 2022

Structure CMS™ Version 6.8.1 allows users to toggle on and off Smart Editor, to better suit particular situations. Plus, we brought out the Raid and killed the bugs from version 6.8.

Structure CMS™ Version 6.8 Release Date October 09, 2022

Structure CMS™ Version 6.8 features a time saver that has everyone breathing a sigh of relief: Smart Paste. Plus, say goodbye to colleagues overwriting your work! Read more to see how that magic happens.

Structure CMS™ Version 6.7.29 Release Date September 27, 2022

Structure CMS™ Version 6.7.29 packs a punch with new optional Autosave and user Save Protection features plus real-time Character / Word Counter for pagelets.

Structure CMS™ Version 6.7.28 Release Date September 21, 2022

Several updates including two major new features: Word Count and Session Timeout Extension.

Structure CMS™ Version 6.7.27 Release Date September 09, 2022

Click-click-done! Introducing Keyboard Shortcuts, and Subscriber Import.

Structure CMS™ Version 6.7.26 Release Date September 08, 2022

Oh, Canada! You're now integrated into Stripe; plus form upgrade and geolocation addition.

Structure CMS™ Version 6.7.25 Release Date September 07, 2022

Further integrating Stripe, and several minor upgrades.

Structure CMS™ Version 6.7.0 - 6.7.24 Release Date April 22, 2022

A plethora of new WordPress migration tools; plus additional updates and bug fixes

Structure CMS™ Version 6.6.0 - 6.6.13 Release Date November 20, 2021

Migration to Oracle Cloud, major update to Form Builder, and upgraded infrastructure and hardware.

Structure CMS™ Version 6.5.1 - 6.5.6 Release Date July 08, 2021

Major new features including Wallet System, upgrades, and enhancements to image management system including Unsplash integration.

Structure CMS™ Version 6.5.0 Release Date July 05, 2021

We have some exciting news to share! We have just released Structure CMS 6.5, Account Console and MR Sign In. Please take a moment to read the release notes below, log in to the new Structure CMS, and give us some feedback.

Structure CMS™ Version 6.4.0 Release Date December 15, 2020

New security enhancements, Zapier integration and some minor bug fixes.

Structure CMS™ Version 6.3.16 Release Date August 11, 2020

New Find and Replace and pagelet attribute features added

Structure CMS™ Version 6.3.15 Release Date August 10, 2020

New upgrade enhancements and some minor bug fixes

Structure CMS™ Version 6.3.14 Release Date August 06, 2020

New upgrade enhancements and some minor bug fixes

Structure CMS™ Version 6.3.13 Release Date July 31, 2020

New upgrade enhancements and some minor bug fixes

Structure CMS™ Version 6.3.12 Release Date July 27, 2020

New upgrade enhancements and features, as well as some minor bug fixes

Structure CMS™ Version 6.3.11 Release Date July 24, 2020

New Upgrades Enhancements and some minor Bug fixes

Structure CMS™ Version 6.3.10 Release Date July 20, 2020

Content importer feed custom xml importer bug fixes and improvements

Structure CMS™ Version 6.3.9 Release Date July 17, 2020

New Upgrades Enhancements and Features as well as some minor Bug fixes

Structure CMS™ Version 6.3.8 Release Date July 10, 2020

Added delayed job for schedule site backups with frequency

Structure CMS™ Version 6.3.7 Release Date July 02, 2020

New Upgrades Enhancements and Features

Structure CMS™ Version 6.3.6 Release Date June 30, 2020

Added tag to scheduled backup to move old backups to Cold storage.

Structure CMS™ Version 6.3.5 Release Date March 18, 2020

Automated scheduled backup added

Structure CMS™ Version 6.3.4 Release Date March 10, 2020

Minor bug fixes and parent deletion protection feature

Structure CMS™ Version 6.3.3 Release Date March 08, 2020

Fixed Menu Item Active bug

Structure CMS™ Version 6.2.8 - 6.3.0 Release Date February 28, 2020

Various Bug fixes and minor updates

Structure CMS™ Version 6.2.3 - 6.2.7 Release Date January 22, 2020

New Upgrades Enhancements and Features as well as some minor Bug fixes

Structure CMS™ Version 6.2.2 Release Date January 03, 2020

Fixes to form system and find and replace enhancement.

Structure CMS™ Version 6.2.0 - 6.2.1 Release Date December 23, 2019

Full Stack Infrastructure upgrade with various bug fixes and enhancements including the new "Find & Replace" Module

Structure CMS™ v6.1.16 Release Date November 13, 2019

Structure CMS™ v6.1.16 Bug Fixes Modifications and new Category Psytags

Structure CMS™ Version 6.1.7 Release Date October 03, 2019

Structure CMS™ Version 6.1.7: New Pagelet Features and Functionality

Structure CMS™ Version 6.1.6 Release Date September 26, 2019

Structure CMS™ Version 6.1.6: New Features and Enhancements