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Welcome to Structure CMS 6.0

We have some exciting news to share! We have just released Structure CMS 6.0, the first of a series of new feature rollouts and upgrades planned for the remainder of 2019. Please take a moment to read the release notes below, log in to the new Structure CMS, and give us some feedback.

New Log In

First and most importantly, where to log in. You can click the log in button from our new Structure CMS homepage (top right) - or - you can navigate to and bookmark Starting August 15, 2019 will point to the new homepage on the Market Rithm website. It is still under development, but you can have a sneak peek here.

Dark Mode

Let's put the sizzle before the steak. Yeah, we think this is pretty cool. An increasing number of Internet users are using dark mode. This optional feature extends mobile device battery life and is also designed to reduce eye strain. Of course, many users just prefer the smooth, elegant vibe. Give your editors the option of dark mode.

New Intelligent Dashboard

As you know, Structure is a true Multi-Domain CMS that allows you to build and manage multiple responsive websites with a single sign on. Our new intelligent dashboard helps you intuitively search, filter, sort and manage your websites. The dashboard lists your role for each website.

If you have ever stressed over, or 🥴 heaven forbid, forgot to renew your domain and/or SSLs, we have you covered. The new dashboard lists sortable domain and SSL expiration dates to help remind you to renew.

Security by Default

We built Structure 6.0 with security by default. In the previous versions of Structure, you had the option to publish as http or SSL as https. We are proud to announce, EVERY page published in Structure CMS is published secure.

Secure Varnish Caching

What is Varnish Caching, you ask? Varnish Cache is a robust web accelerator that allows, content-rich-dynamic websites to endure high traffic. It enables web pages to load faster, by as much as 1000%. Thus, the average waiting time for a page to load is drastically reduced. That is cool, but our geniuses did something no one thought was possible. We applied the Varnish Caching Layer to SECURE SSL PAGES. I can't share the secret to our sauce, but you will be impressed at the incredible secure page-load speed. It is really, really fast.

Publishing Scheduler

We released this early, but it is a great Structure 6.0 feature. You now can schedule a page in the future to either publish or unpublish at a pre-set date and time. Let's say you have a press release embargoed until 3am the next don't need to set you alarm to publish. Just set it in the scheduler and forget it. When you get that 3 extra hours of zzzz's you'll thank us!

In addition to publishing at scheduled times, you can also swap layouts at pre-set times. You can schedule the homepage to a splash page, then schedule it back to the homepage layout. It couldn't be easier.

Code Like a Pro

The coding engine is now, finally, amazing. Dig in, write some psycodes, layouts or just click source into the WYSIWYG editor. We not only improved the usability of the coding engine, we added a ton of features, including: Who is Emmet? Emmet is a web-developer's toolkit that can greatly improve your HTML & CSS workflow. Emmet is developed and optimized for web-developers whose workflow depends on HTML/XML and CSS but can be used with programming languages too.

Start learning Emmet with the abbreviation syntax and available actions.

Core Code Update

We updated our code, databases, infrastructure and scalability for the features listed here and in preparation for the next game changing feature set that will disrupt the entire CMS market. No, I can't say anymore, but please stay tuned!

In addition, Structure 6.0 features:  


Release List

Structure CMS™ Version 6.5.0 Release Date July 05, 2021

We have some exciting news to share! We have just released Structure CMS 6.5, Account Console and MR Sign In. Please take a moment to read the release notes below, log in to the new Structure CMS, and give us some feedback.

Structure CMS™ Version 6.4.0 Release Date December 15, 2020

New security enhancements, Zapier integration and some minor bug fixes.

Structure CMS™ Version 6.3.16 Release Date August 11, 2020

New Find and Replace and pagelet attribute features added

Structure CMS™ Version 6.3.15 Release Date August 10, 2020

New upgrade enhancements and some minor bug fixes

Structure CMS™ Version 6.3.14 Release Date August 06, 2020

New upgrade enhancements and some minor bug fixes

Structure CMS™ Version 6.3.13 Release Date July 31, 2020

New upgrade enhancements and some minor bug fixes

Structure CMS™ Version 6.3.12 Release Date July 27, 2020

New upgrade enhancements and features, as well as some minor bug fixes

Structure CMS™ Version 6.3.11 Release Date July 24, 2020

New Upgrades Enhancements and some minor Bug fixes

Structure CMS™ Version 6.3.10 Release Date July 20, 2020

Content importer feed custom xml importer bug fixes and improvements

Structure CMS™ Version 6.3.9 Release Date July 17, 2020

New Upgrades Enhancements and Features as well as some minor Bug fixes

Structure CMS™ Version 6.3.8 Release Date July 10, 2020

Added delayed job for schedule site backups with frequency

Structure CMS™ Version 6.3.7 Release Date July 02, 2020

New Upgrades Enhancements and Features

Structure CMS™ Version 6.3.6 Release Date June 30, 2020

Added tag to scheduled backup to move old backups to Cold storage.

Structure CMS™ Version 6.3.5 Release Date March 18, 2020

Automated scheduled backup added

Structure CMS™ Version 6.3.4 Release Date March 10, 2020

Minor bug fixes and parent deletion protection feature

Structure CMS™ Version 6.3.3 Release Date March 08, 2020

Fixed Menu Item Active bug

Structure CMS™ Version 6.2.8 - 6.3.0 Release Date February 28, 2020

Various Bug fixes and minor updates

Structure CMS™ Version 6.2.3 - 6.2.7 Release Date January 22, 2020

New Upgrades Enhancements and Features as well as some minor Bug fixes

Structure CMS™ Version 6.2.2 Release Date January 03, 2020

Fixes to form system and find & replace enhancemnet

Structure CMS™ Version 6.2.0 - 6.2.1 Release Date December 23, 2019

Full Stack Infrastructure upgrade with various bug fixes and enhancements including the new "Find & Replace" Module

Structure CMS™ v6.1.16 Release Date November 13, 2019

Structure CMS™ v6.1.16 Bug Fixes Modifications and new Category Psytags

Structure CMS™ Version 6.1.8 - 6.1.15 Release Date November 07, 2019

Several rounds of edits and changes containing: Bug Fixes, Enhancements, and New Features

Structure CMS™ Version 6.1.7 Release Date October 03, 2019

Structure CMS™ Version 6.1.7: New Pagelet Features and Functionality

Structure CMS™ Version 6.1.6 Release Date September 26, 2019

Structure CMS™ Version 6.1.6: New Features and Enhancements

StructureCMS™ Version 6.1.2 - 6.1.5 Release Date September 24, 2019

StructureCMS™ Version 6.1.2 - 6.1.5 includes Various Bug fixes, Performance enhancements and Encryption on Psyclone.IT packages

StructureCMS™ Version 6.1.0 - 6.1.1 Release Date September 09, 2019

Our 6.1 release of StructureCMS™ includes Major updates to Backup Restore and E-commerce forms as well as some minor bug fixes and a brand new module called Psyclone.IT.

Version 6.0.15 Release Date August 30, 2019

Version 6.0.15: Bug fixes and enhancements in Dashboard, Nation builder integration, menu manager and backup/restore.

Version 6.0.13 Release Date August 28, 2019

Version 6.0.13 - Update to Nation Builder Integration

Version 6.0.12 Release Date August 21, 2019

Version 6.0.12 - Bug Fixes & ECommerce Enhancement

Version 6.0.11 Release Date August 20, 2019

Version 6.0.11 - Accountability Module & Bug Fixes

Version 6.0.10 Release Date August 15, 2019

Version 6.0.10: Enhancement & optimizations to bookmarks and Datatables

Version 6.0.9 Release Date August 08, 2019

Srecture CMS™ Version 6.0.9: Updates to Email alerts and asset manager pagination fix

Version 6.0.8 Release Date August 06, 2019

Version 6.0.8: Enhance made to File Manager

Version 6.0.7 Release Date August 05, 2019

Version 6.0.7: Email Notifier Bug Fix

Version 6.0.6 Release Date August 02, 2019

Version 6.0.6: Bug Fixes & Text Edits

Version 6.0.5 Release Date September 01, 2019

Version 6.0.5: Asset Module Bug fix

Version 6.0.4 Release Date July 31, 2019

STRUCTURE CMS ™ Version 6.0.4 Database Performance Improvements

Version 6.0.3 Release Date July 30, 2019

STRUCTURE CMS ™ Version 6.0.3 Performance and Feature Improvements

Version 6.0.2 Release Date July 26, 2019

STRUCTURE CMS ™ Version 6.0.2 Minor edits

Version 6.0.1 Release Date July 24, 2019

STRUCTURE CMS ™ Version 6.0.1 Performance and Bug fixes